Auto Update Your Website

As a web administrator, you have several options for running and managing your website including a feature called auto-update for your content and plugins. There are 2 major reasons why updates are important for your website. These include security and functionality mainly as discussed below.


Developers always attempt to find the loopholes that hackers and other malicious individuals can exploit when attacking the website. This also applies to web hosting platforms including WordPress. For instance, WordPress released its highly anticipated WordPress 5.0 in early December 2018. However, they were forced to release version 5.0.1 less than a week later on the 12th of December 2018. This was due to the immediate identification of 7 vulnerability issues with version 5.0 which needed to be addressed immediately. For people who did not immediately update to the newest version, their platform will remain vulnerable. Hackers can, therefore, take advantage of those vulnerabilities to tamper with these websites.


Updates of web hosting platforms, plugins and extensions often come with new features. For example, some of the new features in WordPress 5.0 include a new block-based editor called Gutenberg and a new default WordPress theme among others. Thus, existing users of the platform as well as new users can easily get access to a number of new features. These features will improve their experience. This also applies to several other web hosting platforms, extensions, and plugins. Furthermore, developers often put in a lot of effort to make new releases more user-friendly, thereby easier to use. Hence, people often love to get new versions of software as soon as they are released.

Auto Update Vs Manual Update

Auto update entails setting your website or software such that once there is a new update, your software is automatically updated without any input from you. Manual update will require the web administrator to go through the settings tab and click on the update button for the software to be updated. In most cases, the admin is informed by mail, when next they access again the software or platform as well as through news on the internet that there is a new update.

Automating your updates helps your platform to be updated when there is a new update, even if you cannot go online. Therefore, where vulnerability and security issues are involved, you are automatically protected as opposed to manual updates.

The major reason why many people are afraid of setting automatic updates is compatibility. Some of their plugins, extensions or programs might not be readily compatible with the new platform. They might also not be immediately aware of a new issue while something stops working. This group of admins prefers to personally check and be sure that everything is compatible when they update. They test all the features on their website to be in order. Where there are issues, they will then try to solve or revert to the previous version.


What you should set to auto update on your website and what you should not is an important question and we would like to make some suggestions that have been tested to be apt.

The website software that you could set to automatic updates includes new releases that will not be difficult to roll back to a previous version. Furthermore, updates for the operating system are also important and should be set to automatic. Also, the software whose security is important for the smooth operation of your site, such as software you use for receiving payments or receiving user information should also be set to automatic.

For manual updates, we recommend you set your network switches, firmware, and other non-critical updates. High traffic systems update can also be set to manual.

For both cases, it is good that you subscribe to update news for every software that you use for your website. Once there is an update, you will be able to get to know it as soon as possible. You will also be able to quickly go online to check that your website and all other features have not been affected by your automatic updates. If you are on manual updates, you will be able to immediately carry out the manual update.

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