Why Do People Buy Domain Privacy

Different people have different preferences when it comes to privacy. For a lot of individuals, they love and protect their privacy. On the other hand, there are those that love to be in the public and love public attention. The growing importance of the Internet has forced many privacy oriented people to develop websites for their online presence as well. However, since it is mostly for business purposes and sharing personal information is not relevant for the business, they often choose to remain anonymous. This can be achieved through the domain privacy or WHOIS privacy feature.

Domain Information

Just like at every other registration or purchase, you are expected to fill in your personal details when you are buying a domain name. The details you are required to fill will often include your name, gender, date of birth and location among others. Some other details are generated automatically such as the date the website was registered and the date the website was last updated.

The domain information is submitted to a website that displays this information about the website details. This website is known as WHOIS, and it keeps a directory that can be accessed on their URL – www.whois.com. The service is aimed at providing information about the identity of website owners. Anybody can get information about the owner of any website by visiting the whois website. They would enter the URL of the website and the personal details of the registrant will be revealed.

Domain Privacy

Considering that some people do not want their details online, there is the option to opt for domain privacy. Website owners can buy privacy so that their personal details are not revealed on the whois platform. The information of the website owner would be masked. This implies that if someone should inquire about your website on the whois platform, no personal information about you will be presented.

Why Do People Check the Whois Directory?

People check the Whois directory for various reasons. For some people, they are just curious about who the owner of a website is. For others, they could be interested in a domain name and the Whois directory makes it easy for them to make an offer for the domain. When an individual or company notices that a website URL they are interested in is in use, they might be curious about the expiry date of the domain, so maybe they can register it when it expires. The Whois directory also provides details about the domain registrar. They might want to keep a tab to check if the website will be renewed before expiry. If it is not renewed, they can continue to keep a tab on the URL until it is available to the public once more.

Is It Mandatory to Buy Domain Privacy?

No, it is not mandatory to buy domain privacy. So many big corporations and websites belonging to celebrities do not have domain privacy. In fact, it would serve no purpose for a company like Microsoft to invest in Domain Privacy. This is because anybody could guess that the Microsoft website is registered in the name of Microsoft. Virtually everybody is also aware Microsoft is owned by Bill Gates. The company must have been registered in the early 90s and that its expiry date would be years away and that the website might not really ever be available for sale. There are also many small business websites and websites belonging to people who are hardly known even in their community that do not have domain privacy. They simply don’t mind if their private information is public.

Why do people buy domain privacy? People and businesses mostly buy domain privacy when they don’t want their personal details to be out in the public. This could be a result of personal discomfort with publicity or for security reasons.

Buying Domain Privacy vs Giving Out False Information

Some people give out false information when filling out the form to purchase the domain. This could be risky as the individual or business could lose the domain name as soon as it is discovered that they are using fake details. These are the official rules of the ICANN agency that manages much of the domain space.

How Do I Buy Domain Privacy?

Most web hosting platforms allow you the option of buying domain privacy. If you have decided to invest in domain privacy, you can purchase it at the point of hosting your website or when buying the domain name. However, if it is some months or years after the purchase of your domain and you decide to get domain privacy, it is still possible. You can log into your account and locate the domain privacy feature. You can always buy domain privacy whenever you feel the need. Your information will be masked and the general public won’t be able to access the registration information of your domain.

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