We are Proud to start offering our Hosting services to the Public. UranusHost offers Budget, Shared, WordPress, Managed and VPS Hosting!

UranusHost has its own extensive infrastructure. We are working with many Partners, both as Providers and Customers. Our Infrastructure Providers are some of the oldest and most Trustworthy IT Businesses, which means we pass that Quality and Uptime right back to our Customers.

UranusHost is working with Datacenters in the UK (London) and the US (Chicago). All eqipment used is held to the Highest Idnustry standards!

Our Services at Launch:

Budget Hosting: Our Budget Hosting is for those wanting to save as much as possible but still have a Web-presence out there. All Packages have excellent value for the Pricetag.

Shared Hosting: Shared Hosting is the in-between solution with excellent value and high Server Performance, able to sustain the largest Websites!

WordPress Hosting: WordPress Hosting is for hosting WordPress and other CMS-s like Drupal, Magento, etc… It was designed around maximum Performance!

Managed Hosting: Our Managed Hosting Packages lets you sit back and outsource the technical details of managing your website to us! Be is Performance, Security management or keeping up with the Updates we are here for you.

UranusHost can even get you started with a website if you choose our Managed L Package!

VPS Hosting: A VPS is for those who want complete control over their server. You can use any Linux OS to run anything you desire!

The Health of our Infrastructure is extremely important to us as well, as we are running 30+ in-house Projects at any one Point. You can be sure you benefit from the Quality Hosting that we built for our own Projects.

UranusHost is successful because we have been running and developing our Infrastructure way before we started offering our Hosting Services. We would like to believe we achieved a level of service that no other Hosting Businesses can boast with, especially when they open!

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