We have all been there. Trying to set up our first Website is no easy task! You have to consider many things that you know very little about at that point. Hopefully, this Blog will shed some light on the first steps when creating your Website here at UranusHost!

Deciding on the Theme and Platform

The very first you have to decide on is which Platform or CSM you want to use. I would advise against coding a Website from start to finish as a newbie. So you should use a theme as a first step. There are many Places you can find wonderful themes such as:




That being said stick to ThemeForest as all their themes are exceptionally well Quality checked.

I would advise choosing either WordPress or a plain HTML5 Theme. If you are planning on posting a lot of content (Blog, E-commerce, News) then go with WordPress. If your website will be fairly static (Landing Pages) go with an HTML5 Theme. WordPress is more Resource intensive due to the heavy use of the Database. Don’t worry they are both Responsive (i.e. they resize themselves depending on which device your Visitor uses.)

Deciding on the Hosting

If you have built a simple HTML website than any Hosting is sufficient, offered at UranusHost. Your entire website should be between 5-20 Megabytes (excluding Images and other Media). Here at UranusHost our Budget Hosting is sufficient to host any HTML website/theme.

If you have chosen a WordPress theme than a beefier Plan is necessary, WordPress Website can be around 200-800 Megabytes. We recommend you go at least with our Shared Hosting Packages, but preferably with WordPress Hosting. You can also outsource all technical tasks to us when it Comes to WordPress with our Managed Hosting Packages.

When your Website reaches a lot of visitors you might also want to Upgrade to a VPS plan with Dedicated Resources!

No matter the route you take, we at UranusHost are here to help, so don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

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