Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

Starting something new can be very interesting and challenging. This also applies to starting a new website. You are probably on a tight budget and you just want an online presence for as little as possible. You are also not expecting a lot of traffic on the website for the first few months. Hence, you are likely to purchase a small web hosting plan for your website. However, with time, there will be reasons for you to migrate to a better hosting plan. This article highlights when and why you need to upgrade your hosting plan and the features you will need when evaluating to upgrade.

Resources and Space

You should consider upgrading your web hosting if the resources you have on your current platform are not enough. For instance, there are hosting plans that give you bandwidth limits. For the first few months, a bandwidth of 1GB might look like too much. After a few months, however, you might start noticing your website stops serving visitors due to lack of bandwidth. You might subsequently decide to upgrade your bandwidth to 10GB, 100GB or even to unlimited GB.

Storage space is another feature you might want to upgrade. The storage space you are given is mostly limited. Once you observe that your storage space is already getting to 75% usage, it would be the right time to upgrade.

Web hosting plans often allow you to have email addresses @yourwebsitename.com. You might be allowed 5 or more, depending on the web hosting platform and your web hosting plan. Furthermore, you might have a limit of email storage of 25MB or less. If you need more email addresses, you can upgrade as well. This also applies to when you require more storage space for each email due to the size of attachments or the number of emails you are expecting.

Security For a Hosting Plan

Security may not really be a concern as long as you are using a good web hosting platform. However, there is no completely secure web hosting, irrespective of the platform you are using. Whenever there is a need for the highest level of security for your website, you might need to upgrade. If you are on a shared hosting plan, you should consider a virtual private server. This protects you from the mistakes that other users could make on your server.

Apart from migrating to a virtual private server, you might need the services of professional website developers and companies. They would be able to ensure that your website is as secured as possible. They would also be able to update the security architecture of your website frequently to prevent every form of newly discovered threat.

Web Hosting Platform

Uptime is very important for your website. When your website experiences a downtime, it implies that visitors will not be able to access the content on your website. This is equivalent to somebody visiting your store during working hours, only for your store to be closed. It is expected that your website should be accessible every single second.

Downtime on your website will lead to loss of sales and customers. Your clients and potential clients will quickly visit your competitor to get needed products and services if your website is not immediately available. When you find out that your website is experiencing a lot of downtime, it is a good idea to find out from your web host what the problem is. It might require you to update your resources as bandwidth exhaustion could lead to downtime. When the problem is not with your plan, then you might need to change your web hosting provider altogether.

Performance of the Website

The performance of your website is very important for your visitors to stay. These include various aspects of website performance including speed and optimization for search engines. People love websites that are fast as well as meet their needs and expectations. As the owner of a website, there are steps you must take to ensure that your website is properly designed.

When you have done your own part, the web hosting platform also has a role to play in the performance of your website. The architecture of the server, as well as the number of websites on the server, can affect the performance of your website. If you notice that your website is not performing optimally and the issue does not from your website, you might need to upgrade your hosting plan or change your web host.

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