ecure Your Business Website

Have you ever had the feeling that you left your store or office open when you are miles away? You always lock it due to the worth of its content after all. You must have felt a lot of relieve when you were able to confirm that you actually locked the place properly and nothing has gone wrong. We attach the same importance to locking our houses, offices stores and any other places that have important items. This mentality should be extended to our business website as well. There are a number of reasons to why you should secure your business website as discussed below. If you fail to think about your website as your home there may be irrecoverable consequences!


Hackers on the internet could be likened to thieves, the only difference is that their mode of operation and effects are different. It could be even worse compared to your house or office getting robbed. This is because, on your website, you might have collected information regarding other people. Therefore, it is not going to be only you that could be directly affected. Hackers can be business competitors who want to gan ain advantage by destroying your website and making it look unprotected. There could also be those who are looking for information about your clients, which could range from their contact details to their credit card information. Hence, not protecting your business website not only directly affect you but also affects all of your customers.

Drop in Sales

With the increasing attacks on the cyber world and the fact that malicious codes are available on over 50,000,000 websites, people are getting more conscious about their online activities. There have been steps taken by Google that individuals should only patronize secured websites. In order to make it easy for anybody to identify a secured website, the URL on the address bar often has “https” before the address as opposed to “http” for non-secured websites. The implication is that most people who want to enter their credit card details or fill out any personal information on your website look out for the green “https” tag. Failure to secure your website means they would notice instantly and get discouraged. Considering you have a lot of competitors whose business websites are secured, you can be sure that it will be easy to move on to one of your other competitors.

Search Engine Optimization

Billions of searches are carried out on the World Wide Web every day, most of which are done on Google. Google and other search engines return website links that contain information people need. Thus, search engines are a major source of traffic to websites. For business websites, this could mean a lot of potential customers, with a good percentage making a purchase before leaving your site and probably returning to make more purchases as well as referring their friends. Search engines are also interested in the security of the websites they direct their users to. The implication is that websites with security rank higher on search engines. If you don’t secure your business website, some search engines will even blacklist it. You will be losing loads of organic traffic and potential customers just because your website is not secured.

Reputation Loss In Case You Don’t Secure Your Business Website

The reputation of your business website can be greatly affected just because it is not secured. A lot of potential customers can immediately leave your website when they find out that it is not secured. Furthermore, some can also link it to the professionalism of your business and your staff. They would assume that if you ignore something as important and simple as securing your website, you might also be offering substandard products and services. Thus, your business reputation can drop just because your website is not secured.

Loss of Data

Not protecting your website can result in a hacker wiping out your entire website or corrupting it. The content can be changed or corrupted.  Your customers will be seeing information uploaded by the hacker as opposed to your real web content. Wiping out your website or database will result in your website being offline for hours or even days, while you try to fix the mess. You can also lose some of the latest data such as orders, inquiries and complaints. This can cause issues between you and your customers.


Securing your business website is easy and costs nothing compared to what you will be losing if you do not secure your website. Some web hosts provide SSL certificates for free. For those that don’t provide free certificates, they provide it for less than $10 per year. Hence, you do not need hundreds of dollars to secure your business website.

Uranushost provides SSL certificates for free and a complete website security solution with its all hosting plans whether it is shared hosting or reseller hosting!

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