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There is a chance that you noticed that big websites and brands are having several domains. For instance, Yahoo since the 1990s has had separate domains for different countries. You can have an email in France or in the United Kingdom or internationally and in the US. You might also be wondering if you should get multiple domains or just continue using your single domain.

It is not mandatory and sometimes can even be unnecessary to invest in multiple domains. This is especially true if you are a small business owner, targeting a particular local community or do not have a lot of traffic yet. However, there are some cases where it is absolutely necessary. If any of the reasons below applies to you or your business, then you may want to consider investing in multiple domains.

Reasons Why You Need Multiple Domains

Spellings and Pronunciations

Has a friend ever told you about a website, only to get home, type in what you heard and get ‘The Website Cannot Be Found’ error? This has made a lot of websites lose traffic. There are also instances when even though people are familiar with the website or with the spellings, they might still make mistakes.

You can address this problem by registering the domains that sound very much like your website address. You can also register the domains that have the most common spelling mistakes when spelling your website address.

It is possible for people who are not familiar with Google to type in the website as Google pronounced it for them. In cases of spelling mistakes, it can be spelled as “gogle” instead. To help you make your decision on which other domains people often misspell your site you can use the Google Search Console. From the Search analytics, you can see the most misspelled variations of your domain. You can buy such domain variations and then set it to redirect automatically to your main website.

Brand Protection

Brand protection is another major benefit of investing in multiple domains. If your competitors or criminals observe that there is a commonly visited variation of your domain that is not registered, they can take advantage of it. For example, a competitor can buy the variation and use it to confuse or discourage your customers. Criminals can receive orders on your behalf without your knowledge and not deliver. Some of your customers can be successfully defrauded before the issue is noticed.

Enhance SEO

For search engine optimization purposes, multiple domains are also useful. With your other domains redirecting automatically to your website, it will be easier for Google to index it. Indexing your site subsequently contributes to the ranking of your site. This can contribute significantly to your dream of ranking on the first page of Google. Redirecting domains is generally easy on virtually every web hosting platform as the web hosting platforms are aware of its importance.

Adding New Aspects Such as New Products and Special Offers

Introducing a lot of new content to your website can make it clumsy and more difficult to navigate. For your new products, you might want to use a page on your old website. But if the product is a major breakthrough and you believe the product would be very popular, you can get a domain name for it. For instance, Google has various niches, most of them having their own distinct domain. An example is the Google Search Engine and Gmail messaging domains. While caters to Google’s email services, caters to its search engine services.

Expanding to Other Countries

Several countries have personalized website extensions. For instance, Canada makes use of .ca while the United Kingdom makes use of There are many other countries with their own extensions. If you want to diversify into a country, you may want to buy their extension. You can then open a new website with the country’s extension. It can endear you to the people of the country. Furthermore, your site will rank higher on searches coming from that particular country.

Keeping Business Names

There are instances where you might want to change your business name. This is usually a huge step and is often not advisable. However, if you must, you can create a new domain with the new business name, while keeping the old domain. People who do not know that you have changed the name would still be able to find you on the old domain or get redirected to the new.

Major products

Some of your products that can get very popular. When this is the case, it is best to purchase a domain name by the name of that product. For instance, some people would be searching for when they want to buy the product or want customer service for the product.

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