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Some website owners ignore the importance of a website’s speed, even though it’s a critical element to their business’s success. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, you open a website, and the page is taking a long time loading, so you wait and wait, then you will start thinking about exiting. Eventually, you will stop trying and will give up on whatever purchase you were going to make. This will result in unsatisfied customers, frustration and a bad costumer experience. By default, your loading page should be 3 seconds or less, or else 40% of your audience will ditch you and 80% of them will never visit the website again.

So, you might be asking yourself “how can I improve the speed of my website?” Well, to figure that out you need to know what the speed of your website is and what does that even mean exactly? Why is it something important? And how can you improve it?

Importance of Website Speed

Website speed is a core experience metric that many website owners concentrate on. It’s not only the time your website takes to fully load, but also the time your website needs to fully function. For example, if the products’ page opens quickly but it takes the customer a long time when he clicks to see the product description, then your site is not fast enough for this type of interaction. Therefore, this will seriously affect your sales.

These are some of the top reasons why the site’s speed is important to your business.

Better User Experience Is Guaranteed With a Fast Website

You should not underestimate the value your website speed has on the satisfaction of the customers. Everyone expects things to happen in a blink of an eye. Don’t let your costumers feel angry or disappointed over something super easy to get the hang of.

Conversion Rates

Reports have shown that the chances of double conversion are mostly found in visitors who wait less than five seconds for a page to load, than the visitors who wait more than five seconds. Also, even if the users stick around after 5 seconds, you lose 7% of your visitors for each additional second.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As a website owner, SEO must be on the top of your priorities. It might have not crossed your mind yet, but if you want to show up in the search results then you have to optimize your site speed. It’s all calculated according to the Google algorithm. The speed is a crucial factor to your Google search ranking. The better your SEO is, the more visible your website will be to the people who are trying to find you.

Your Product Page

Your site speed affects the performance of the product pages. Poor performance will have an impact on why your visitors are abandoning the transactions. Also, conversions drop 60% when the product page takes more than 10 seconds to load. This is every business owner’s worst nightmare!

How To Improve Your Site Speed?

There are many tools available that you can use to check the speed of your website. You can also use Google as it offers free tools to check. Now that you’ve found that your website is not fast enough for your visitors, what can you do to make it faster? It is not as complicated as you think!

Here are a few guidelines you can use:

  • Check the backend of your website to remove unnecessary plugins or non-essential features.
  • Consider redesigning your website.
  • Optimize your images and videos so that they load faster. Never use large files.
  • If it’s necessary to add large files, consider using an external host.
  • Switching to dedicated or VPS hosting will also improve your site statistics, especially in the case of website speed.
  • Set up browser caching. It will store most of the static website elements on your visitor’s computer, and facilitate other future visits, allowing your website to pop-up faster.

The Bottom Line

Enhancing the speed of your website is not that difficult but it’s an important step. If you want to fully optimize your SEO and customer experience then you need to take these steps to speed up your website right now!

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