This is the most common way that hosting companies profit… the renewal price.

Most hosts now will offer INCREDIBLY LOW prices which is mainly due to all of the competition in the industry. Most people will select a host with the lowest prices and stay with them, but this is dangerous. Some renew at up to 15x what you initially pay and have incredibly strict refund policies to prevent you from getting a refund.


Our Advice

If you have been “developing” websites for some time now, you probably have been switching hosts every 1-3 years or paying a steep premium after your initial term is up. This is a very common practice, but many people fall into the latter category of paying exorbitant fees after their initial term. So what’s the solution?

Well it’s quite simple, but usually easier said than done…

Find a host that doesn’t increase their prices after your initial term. For instance, Uranus Host has forever pricing – meaning you will get the price you pay for as long as you host with us. While this may seem like common practice, only a few hosts in the industry have this policy.

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