We are lifting off! UranusHost opens it's Doors!

We are Proud to start offering our Hosting services to the Public. UranusHost offers Budget, Shared, WordPress, Managed and VPS Hosting!

UranusHost has its own extensive infrastructure. We are working with many Partners, both as Providers and Customers. Our Infrastructure Providers are some of the oldest and most Trustworthy IT Businesses, which means we pass that Quality and Uptime right back to our Customers.

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Tips for your First Website at UranusHost!

We have all been there. Trying to set up our first Website is no easy task! You have to consider many things that you know very little about at that point. Hopefully, this Blog will shed some light on the first steps when creating your Website here at UranusHost!

Deciding on the Theme and Platform

The very first you have to decide on is which Platform or CSM you want to use. I would advise against coding a Website from start to finish as a newbie. So you should use a theme as a first step. There are many Places you can find wonderful themes such as:

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