How long does it take to Setup my Hosting and do I also need a Domain?

At UranusHost your Hosting is Setup Automatically and Instantly right after Payment has been Made. All details regarding your Hosting will be E-Mailed to you!

When you order you will need to Either already have a Domain name or Purchase a Domain Name. If you already have a Domain simply Point the Nameservers to our Servers (You can read more about Nameservers below). If you don't have a Domain yet you will have to Purchase one either from UranusHost or from a Domain Registrar.

In short, you need a Domain name first to buy a Hosting Package, however, the Hosting Account is set up Automatically!

what is the Difference between UranusHost Budget, Shared and WordPress Hosting?

There are only two Differences between these three types of Hosting Packages:

1. Web engine: Shared and WordPress Hosting runs on LiteSpeed while Budget Hosting runs on Nginx.

2. Maximum Allowed I/O: Websites based on WordPress and other CMSs require more interaction with their Databases compared to Static recources. When a visitor views your website it requires more performance to load a WordPress website instead of a simple HTML Website.

Which UranusHost Hosting (Budget, Shared, WordPress) would you recommend for my Website?

There are two major factors you have to consider. How much Resources your website needs and how much Traffic your Website will get.

1. If you are running a Resource heavy WordPress (or Drupal, Joomla, MediaWiki, Magento, Zen Cart, Medium, Ghost or any other CMS) website and you also expect a lot of visitors we recommend WordPress Hosting.

2. If you are tight on Budget and your Website has mostly Static elements or you don't expect a lot of Traffic a Budget Plan should be an Optimal choice.

3. Anything between the two above fall in the Shared Hosting category. There is no clear answer so Upgrades and Downgrades are available to all Customers!

Just to make it clear, you can't make a wrong decision as all of our Hosting Plans can support all kind of Websites, so don't be afraid to try out any of our Packages!

What are Nameservers and How do I Update them?

If you already have a Domain at another Domain Registrar you have to update your Nameservers. Simply log in to your Account at the Domain Registrar where your Domain is and update your Domain Nameservers.

You will receive information about our Nameservers in an E-mail once you Purchased one of our Hosting Plans. You can also find our Nameservers in this FAQ or on our Website.

If you buy your Domain from us then the Nameservers are configured automatically to Point to the Server your Website is located at!

What are the NameServers of UranusHost?

Our Nameservers for our Budget Hosting packages:

Our Nameservers for our Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting packages:

You can read about how to update your Nameservers in the previous Answer!

How do I Migrate my Website to UranusHost?

You have three options to Migrate your Website to UranusHost:

1. Copy paste the Files from your old Hosting via FTP or Cpanel File Manager to your Computer, then re-upload the Files to our Servers where your new Cpanel is Located. The easiest way is to keep all your files in a ZIP folder and extract it in Cpanel. In the case of WordPress don’t forget to also Export/Import your Database!

2. You can create a full Backup copy of your Website in Cpanel Backup Manager (.tar file). You have to Download this Backup and send it to us. (Note: Since you don’t have SSH access to our Hosting servers you can’t restore these on your own).

3. If you have a WordPress Website, then the easiest solution is to use a Migration Plugin. Install the Migration Plugin on your Website and Export your WordPress website to your Computer. Install the same Migration Plugin to your fresh WordPress installation on our Servers and Restore your WordPress Website! This works with all CMS that has a Migration Plugin or Addon available.

How much Storage do I need for my Website?

Depending on the type of your Website, your resource need might vary, however, the rule of Thumb is as follows:

Static Websites:

The average Static Website can take up from a few Kilobytes to a few Megabytes. Without Video Content, Downloadable Files or a lot of Pictures of course!

WordPress Websites:

The average WordPress website is about 500 MB, however, it is not unusual to see them between 200-300 MB. WordPress Websites also heavily use their Database so you have to consider how big your Database is as well!


This means that our smallest Package can sustain any kind of Website you might have, however you have to Consider how much Storage you will need as Time goes on. You also have to Consider how much Performance you will need to Guarantee an excellent Visitors Experience.

Where are your Servers Located?

Our Web-hosting servers are located in the United Kingdom (London).

Our Shared and WordPress servers are located in the United States (Chicago).

That being said Using CloudFlare (Which is Free) or a paid CDN (Content Delivery Network) makes where the Website is Phisically Located irrelevant!

Can I Host Multiple Websites with one Hosting Package?

Yes you can! Hosting additional Websites is allowed and is Defined by a term called "Addon Domains". You can see how many Addon Domains we allow for each Package in the Package Description!

Keep in mind that each Hosting Package has a finite amount of Resources, which means it might still be Beneficial to have Multiple Hosting Packages for Multiple Websites!

How do I access my VPS?

You need to Download the necessary Software:

Filezilla: This is an FTP software which you will use to access the Files on our VPS. Don’t worry it is Free and Open Source.

Download link:

Putty: You will use this software to access the OS (Operating System) of your VPS. It is free as well.

Download link:

Can I Host my Website on a VPS?

Yes, you can!

If your Website has High Traffic you absolutely should host it on a VPS. You can Host both Normal and WordPress Websites with Complete SSH access. Not to mention you can even Host Multiple Websites with ease on any of our VPS Packages!

It might be a little more complicated to Setup Hosting on your VPS, but there are Great Guides out there and if you encounter any issues just Contact Us!

I want to Host a Game Server on my VPS! Can I do it?

Yes, you can, but there a Number of Factors you should Consider.

If you want to Host a Game Server where the Developers don’t allow you to use their Copyrighted Material then most likely you won’t be able to Host it for long. E.G.: World of Warcraft

If you want to Host a Game where it is accepted to create Personal Game Servers then it’s okay. E.G.: Minecraft

The next thing you need to Consider is how Resource Intensive your Game Server will be. How many Players do you expect?

For example, for a Low Population Minecraft Server, a smaller VPS is enough. However, you need to scale up your VPS as your Game Server grows.

Why do Domains with Different TLD-s Cost more?

All Domain prices are strictly set by the centralized Domain Registrars. Hosting Companies like us have very little say in what Domains should cost. The Price you pay for the Domain helps maintain the Domain Registrar.

Usually newer or less used TLDs cost more as there is extra administration on the part of the Domain registrar.

Do you make a Profit on Domains?

We do not make any Profit on any of the Domains. We only offer Domain services to increase the convenience of our Hosting Services. All Savings all passed directly to the Customer.

Which TLD should I Choose? Is .com the Best?

Usually .com is the best option for your Website as it’s easily remembered by most People. There are no Technical reasons why .com is better though.

There are a few exceptions where other TLDs are advisable. For example, if you market for a specific Country then you should use the Country specific TLDs like .RU or .US. If you are a Non-Profit Organization you might want to use .ORG.

There is a recent Trend among new Tech Companies to use the .io TLD.

To summarize, you should generally use .com, and you should only use another TLD if you have a good Reason to do so.

Everything is already Taken! How do I come up with a Good Domain name?

Unfortunately, the most Popular Names are already Taken so some thinking might be necessary on your part to come up with a Great Domain name.

It is not an easy Process and you shouldn’t rush it as it’s the Domain Name that is the Hardest to Change Later on.

There are powerful name Generators that you can use if you run out of ideas. For example: